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Woman says motel staff abused her privacy rights

A Conway woman called police Tuesday because she felt the motel staff at the Budget Inn had infringed on her privacy rights.

According to an incident report, the 46-year-old woman called authorities around 6 p.m. Tuesday saying “the staff of the motel had been invading her privacy, and that they were now accusing her of causing damage to her room.”

The woman claimed she previously reported to motel staff that the toilet in her room was flooding and that by Tuesday, the water had spread into the living room area.

The motel owner told officer Matthew W. Edgmon that Budget Inn staff had not impeded on the woman’s right to privacy and that they “had simply come to the room once a day in order to service the room, as they do with all of their rooms.”

Based on the way the 46-year-old woman’s room had flooded, motel staff believed something flushed down the toilet in her room had clogged the commode and caused the toilet to flood, according to the report.

Edgmon said the issue was a civil matter and told both parties how they could obtain a copy of the report following the incident.

Suspect shatters pipe prior to search

A Maumelle man who reportedly stepped on a glass pipe before a Conway officer could search his shoes for contraband was arrested on felony drug charges earlier this week.

Mark Alan Shadell, 42, was a passenger in the white 2005 Nissan Sentra that officer Deon Clay pulled over shortly after 10 p.m. Tuesday along Dave Ward Drive. The Maumelle man was charged with two Class D felonies – possession of drug paraphernalia and tampering with physical evidence – along with a Class A misdemeanor after officer Ivan Cortez reportedly caught him crushing a glass pipe.

Officer Clay initially pulled over the Nissan Sentra after noticing the driver make an improper turn onto Dave Ward Drive out of the Walmart parking lot.

After speaking with the 42-year-old driver about the traffic infraction, the officer gained consent to search the vehicle and asked the passengers to also step out of the Nissan.

As he was about to search the passengers, officer Cortez said he heard something that sounded like glass shattering.

“Mark handed me his wallet and kneeled in order to untie his shoes,” the officer’s report reads in part. “While untying his shoes, I heard a glass shatter as if he stepped on something.”

At this point, the 42-year-old was detained. After Shadell was handcuffed, authorities located a shattered pipe that had “white residue” in it.

According to the report, officers also found a bag that had “a green leafy substance in it” when searching the vehicle. Shadell reportedly admitted the bag was his and said there was “K2” in it.

Credit card possibly skimmed in Greenbrier

An Independent Living Services employee believes one of the center’s gas cards was skimmed in Greenbrier.

According to an incident report, the ILS transportation director filed a fraud report Tuesday morning after realizing nearly $300 was fraudulently spent on gas over the weekend. The transportation director told officer John Turney she believes the center’s gas card was skimmed in Greenbrier.

An ILS driver had used the gas card Saturday at the Gulf Gas Station in Greenbrier and logged his mileage at 492. Between Saturday and Tuesday morning, an unknown individual had used the same card information, along with the mileage count, and credited $296.85 to the ILS account.

The card was used at two separate locations. The card was used at 7520 Distribution Drive in Louisville, Kentucky, for $104.39 and also at 5301 Bardstown Rd. In Louisville, Kentucky, for $192.46.

Staff writer Marisa Hicks

can be reached at mhicks@thecabin.net.

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