Police beat

From Conway Police Department reports

Man accused of terroristic threatening

David Michael, 34, of Conway was arrested on Jan. 4 on charges of felony terroristic threatening, DWI, obstruction of governmental operations and careless driving.

Michael is accused of threatening police officers when they responded to the scene of an accident in which Michael’s car had been driven into a ditch. As officers approached him, Micheal was reportedly uneasy on his feet and argued with them. After detaining him “due to his attitude and behavior,” per the report, officers said that Michael smelled of intoxicants.

Officers reported that Michael yelled at them while he was being transported to jail and that Michael requested an ambulance. MEMS met the officer and Michael at the police department where Michael is alleged to have pretended to be passed out in the back of the car. When MEMS workers tried to examine him, Michael is alleged to have said the officers and workers were trying to kill him and attempted to take off the pulse oximeter on his finger.

Officers reported that he told them he would kill them if they let his hands free. Michael was transported to the detention center at the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office.

Breaking or entering call leads to investigation

The Conway Police Department were called to Second Baptist Church in Conway on Jan. 5 to respond to an alleged breaking or entering event in which a car window had been smashed. The alleged victim’s car’s passenger window was smashed in and the victim reported her purse had been taken from the vehicle, which included cash, credit and debit cards as well as her driver’s license and social security card.

Later that day, the alleged victim contacted the police again to alert them that her cards were being used at the Conway Sam’s Club. Officers arrived at the store and spoke with staff, viewed camera footage and identified a male suspect. In the report, officers wrote that the suspect attempted to make purchases with the woman’s cards, some of which were declined and some which were successful.

Despite identifying the Sam’s Club membership the suspect used to enter the store, officers were unable to make contact with the contact information associated with the account, as the phone number was connected to a government phone. The investigation is still active, according to the report.

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