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From Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office reports

Neighbor accused of harassment

A Wooster man is accused of harassing one of his neighbors.

According to an incident report, a 47-year-old woman called sheriff’s deputies on Feb. 9 to file a harassment complaint against Brett Lavern Stacks, 52.

Stacks allegedly has set up a camera near the complainant’s fence and “has been coming outside when she is working in the yard.”

The woman told deputy Robert Hensley that when Stacks does this, he yells and curses at her.

According to the report, the woman previously had a no-contact order issued against him. While the order was in place, “Stacks never messed with her.” However, now that the order has expired, the woman said he started harassing her by yelling at her, threatening to throw his dog over the fence and attempting to coax other women into fighting her.

Couple chooses drugs over date night

A Mayflower man reportedly beat a Grant County woman after accusing her of stealing his drugs when they skipped out on their date to smoke meth.

A 39-year-old Prattsville woman reported on Feb. 9 to sheriff’s deputies that Jason G. Singleton, 43, of Mayflower attacked her.

According to the woman’s statement, she met Singleton on an online dating website and the two planned to go on a date on the day in question. Instead of going on the date, the two decided to stop by Singleton’s residence to smoke meth.

After they smoked meth, Singleton accused the woman of stealing “the drugs” before he proceeded to throw her on the ground and kick her in the back and in the stomach, the report states.

The woman told authorities she did not immediately report the attack because she was worried Singleton “might retaliate against her.”

According to her statement, Singleton “videoed her smoking and stated if she called the sheriff’s office then he would show deputies the video of her smoking.”

Sex offender wanted after not registering

A Greenbrier man is charged in a felony case after he reportedly failed to verify his address with authorities accordingly to his sex offender requirements.

According to an incident report Travis Edward Stewart, 43, of Greenbrier was scheduled to visit with his parole officer on Feb. 4 but did not show up for the appointment.

The Greenbrier man had filed a report with authorities prior to the missed meeting after a community watch group reportedly threatened him online. According to his complainant, one of the watch group members showed up at his home.

After he missed a second meeting with his parole officer and threatened to hit another vehicle “head on at 80 mph,” a warrant was issued against Stewart, according to the report.

Woman loses keys, calls police

A Conway County woman called police on Feb. 11 because she reportedly lost her keys and was upset that her boyfriend wouldn’t help her find them.

According to an incident report, the woman had stayed the night at her boyfriend’s Hays Hill Road residence but was unable to find her keys in the morning.

The 31-year-old woman “began screaming and yelling” at her boyfriend and eventually called police because he was “not helping her find her keys.”

Deputy Gary Dixon stood outside with the woman in an effort to calm her so that her boyfriend could search inside the house for her keys. After the 34-year-old found the keys, Dixon conducted a domestic violence screening on the couple and told them how to file protection orders against each other if they wished to do so.

Staff writer Marisa Hicks can be reached at mhicks@thecabin.net.

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