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From Conway Police Department reports

Tenant upset with apartment, pest control staff

A Centennial Valley Apartments tenant is accused of yelling at pest control and management staff.

A Centennial Valley Apartments office worker called police shortly before 3:15 p.m. Wednesday after a 26-year-old tenant reportedly screamed at her over a pest control issue, according to an incident report.

Theodore Austin III had caused problems over the last “few days” over a pest control issue. However, when a pest control employee and a maintenance worker went to the man’s apartment, he did not answer the door and proceeded to threaten the two after they went inside his apartment, according to the report.

The office worker told authorities that when Austin did not answer the door when he pest control employee knocked and announced himself, the two went inside and “announced their presence again.”

The two did not get a response after they announced they were in the apartment, the report states.

According to the report, as the workers neared a bedroom, “Austin came out and became confrontational” with the pest control employee.

The pest control worker left the apartment after Austin reportedly said: “You only have one life to live.” The pest control worker said he “interpreted that statement as a threat.”

Later that day, Austin went up to the front office to question the office worker about when the pest control worker would return to treat his apartment. At this point, the complainant told officer Cebron Hackett that she attempted “to tell Austin that she had certain protocols she had to go through before anyone could come back out” when Austin “got irate and began yelling so loud that she could not understand what he was saying.”

Austin reportedly denied threatening pest control staff and told police he was “just frustrated with how the staff was handling his complaints about his apartment,” according to the report.

Authorities determined that at this point, the situation was a civil matter, the report states.

Shopper swaps barcodes at store

A Perry County resident is accused of swapping bar codes on items at Target before purchasing the merchandise for a cheaper amount.

According to an incident report, a Target employee filed a theft report on Wednesday against Zachary Kyle Scott, 27, of Perry regarding an incident that allegedly occurred on Jan. 4.

The loss prevention employee told officer Andrew J. Foreman that he found out Scott had swapped to barcodes to pay cheaper prices while at the store the week before.

The items in question were a baby monitor, valued at $149.99, and a button-up shirt, valued at $25. According to the report, Scott is accused of putting a $2 tag on the baby monitor and a $3.88 tag on the shirt. Altogether, the store suffered a loss of $169.11 following the incident.

Suspicious man arrested at daycare

A Conway man who appeared to be high on methamphetamine was arrested outside a local daycare after employees and parents reported being concerned about him lying in the parking lot.

Authorities were called around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday to the Child Care Network regarding a man who was lying in the parking lot while also “yelling and waving his hands around,” according to an incident report.

The man in question was “causing alarm for the children and parents on scene,” the report states.

The suspect, 35-year-old Jace R. Beasley, reportedly admitted to using methamphetamine “about four hours prior.”

Officer Matthew W. Edgmon noted the man’s eyes were bloodshot, he was “speaking very rapidly” and he “was making jerky, furtive movements” as he spoke to responding officers.

The 35-year-old was ultimately arrested on scene on suspicion of public intoxication.

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