Conway resident David Meeks has announced his candidacy for the state's Second Congressional District.

Meeks, a Republican, says he intends to run against Democrat Vic Snyder of Little Rock, who has held the position since 1997, in the 2010 election.

"Vic Snyder has a history of not representing the values and principles of the people of the second district," Meeks said, citing Snyder's "low scores" with the National Rifle Association, American Family Association and Citizens Against Government Waste.

"He's basically just another big-spending politician that doesn't realize that it has an affect on the everyday common person," Meeks said. "There's a lot of frustration among the people, especially in the second district, about elected officials who are not listening to them."

A driver for a local propane company who has never held elected office, Meeks said he is a good example of the "everyday" people he hopes to represent.

"I would be a politician for the people," he said. "I think Ronald Reagan showed us how to be a good politician and serve the people and basically trust the people. We need to listen to the people's concerns and, if we disagree, tell them about it and why. If (Snyder) disagrees he just doesn't respond or just gives the standard talking points."

As one of Snyder's constituents, Meeks said, he has often contacted his office to give his view on issues, and been routinely unsatisfied with Snyder's response.

"On 'Cap and Trade' last week I called his office and asked him to vote no on it," he said. "Basically they give the regular response that they were giving, that he was undecided on the bill. I asked him to vote 'no' on it and basically got a talking point e-mail back from him."

Meeks said he has embraced "new media" social networking Web sites including Facebook and Twitter to publicize his campaign, and would continue to use them to stay in touch with his constituents if elected.

He is also a supporter of the 'tea party' movement, and plans to speak Friday at the Heber Springs Tea Party.

"The tea party movement is the common people, and they are letting their voice be heard about what is going on," Meeks said.

Meeks has created a Web site,, providing information about himself and his stance on issues.

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