A 19-year-old involved in the June 30 shooting near Greenbrier admitted he and three others tried to rob the juvenile who shot at them prior to being shot at.

Kriston Wise, 19, told Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office investigators that he and three others – 22-year-old Jonathan Barber, 19-year-old Memory Luttrell and a juvenile – went to a residence on Laramie Road on the night in question to rob another juvenile who lived at the residence.

Authorities were alerted of the shooting around 9:30 p.m. June 30 after the group of four drove about 10 miles from the Laramie Road residence to the Phillips 66 (Doublebee’s) gas station in Greenbrier seeking help for their injuries.

Barber, Luttrell and the juvenile with them each suffered gunshot wounds, authorities said.

Investigator Eric Woodard said he noticed several bullet holes in the silver 2011 Subaru Legacy the group of four was in. The investigator also noted in a search warrant affidavit that there were “large amounts of blood” in the vehicle as well as broken glass and “clumps” of suspected marijuana.

According to the affidavit, Wise admitted he and the other three people he was with went to the residence on Laramie Road to rob the juvenile who lived there.

During the struggle, the juvenile the group attempted to rob said he was thrown through a wall in his bedroom. The teen also told authorities that Wise took away his shotgun as the group attempted to flee the area when the teen shot at the group with another firearm.

At one point, Barber “repeated[ly] struck” another girl who was at the residence with a shotgun in the living room while Wise went after the other juvenile, according to the girl’s statement.

The sheriff’s office obtained a search warrant to look for and collect evidence related to the shooting incident located in the Subaru.

Online records show that District Judge Chris R. Carnahan approved the search warrant on July 6 and that investigators collected five blood swabs, four cell phones, Wise’s wallet, Barber’s wallet and two bullet fragments from the vehicle on July 7.

As of press time Thursday, charges had not been filed against the group of four that reportedly attempted to rob the Faulkner County teen.

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