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Woodland Heights Baptist Church gathered breakfast food items for neighbors of the church by way of a “Love Your Neighbor” initiative, which helps families in need during the time of COVID-19.

Woodland Heights Baptist Church in Conway is banding together to help provide breakfast for families in need.

“As your neighbor, Woodland Heights would like to help provide breakfast for your family,” a flier reads. “Call or text 501-764-7491 and let us know how many are in your home. Pickup will be at the church April 1 beginning at 9 a.m. at 4215 Prince St.”

A post to the church’s Facebook page made March 24 by Associate Pastor of Children and Outreach Steve Lasiter says members of the church had dropped off 40-plus boxes of cereal, Pop Tarts, and oatmeal in a six-hour period.

Lasiter called members to drop off items under the awning at the church through March 31.

The breakfast items will help provide meals to kids near the church.

A follow up post made March 25 stated 128 boxes of the three items were dropped off at the church, an increase of 68 boxes in one day.

Lasiter called for more boxes in the post.

“We need more,” the post read. “After passing these flyers out to nearly 200 homes this morning, we’re already getting texts from families that God will bless through your gifts (one family has 10 people in their home. Just use our drive-thru drop off at our north entrance and we’ll take it from there. We love you, church, and we cannot wait to all be together again soon.”

Not only were boxes of cereal, Pop Tarts and oatmeal donated, but breakfast and granola bars were also donated.

In a post made on March 26, stated that in three days, the church had received 171 boxes of various breakfast items.

Lasiter said items were still needed in regards to the response the church had received.

A final cry from Lasiter said, “If you make a grocery run in the next couple of days and can help out, our drive-thru collection baskets will once again be set up at the north entrance on Monday and Tuesday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. And then, our neighbors will drive-thru on Wednesday morning to pick it up. Begin praying now that Jesus will be seen in all that takes place.”

Lasiter ended that post by saying he received a call from someone in the church March 26 that would like to provide one to two gallons of milk for each family that picks up breakfast April 1.

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