Students at Eastside Elementary in Greenbrier have been working hard to bring fun additions to the new Greenbrier City Park being built.

Principal Mandi Dunlap told the Log Cabin Democrat the school’s woodworking club has been putting together birdhouses for the park and will be donating them when it’s completed.

“We wanted to give the kids experience on how to use different types of tools and work as a team,” club sponsor Pam Cardin said. “We conducted research on bluebirds. Our school maintenance crew and a parent come over to model using large tools to cut the boards to make them the right size for birdhouses.”

Sherri Turner is also a sponsor for the club and said the whole process has been fun.

“Watching the kids explore and use these tools has been awesome,” she said.

Turner said it’s been interesting to see the students learn how to use tape measures and other carpentry items, which many hadn’t had the opportunity to do before joining the club, all “lifelong skills.”

“A great opportunity for kids to be involved in a project that gives back to the community,” she said. “We gave the first round of birdhouses to the Greenbrier Nursing Home and this set goes to the new park, which is in our backyard.”

Mayor Sammy Joe Hartwick had the opportunity to visit the group recently to see their finishing touches.

“This is awesome,” he said. “We have plenty of space on our 55-acre park for these houses to go. Birds appreciate it and we do too. When I was a kid we didn’t get to do this until high school, so this is a great opportunity for them at such a young age.”

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