Journalists from around the world participated in the (Heavenly Culture, World Peace) HWPL press forum webinar to discuss the role and direction of the media and journalists in COVID-19 pandemic era. The two-day webinar “HWPL Online Media Peace Forum: The Role of Media for Peace Journalism in COVID-19 Pandemic Era” on Dec. 27-28 was participated by 22 journalists from about 11 countries, including Germany, Austria, Tunisia, Malaysia, Morocco, Ivory Coast, and Mali, and about 20 global citizens and students interested in journalism were free to participate.

The journalists introduced reports which promoting bias and discrimination against other ethnic groups, minority religions and other races and presented their opinions on what efforts are needed to improve attitude of media and journalists. They also had discussion on how peace journalism, could be applied in the course of actual reporting.

Peace journalism was proposed by the Johan Galtung, a Norwegian sociologist, calling for a change in the attitudes and perspectives of journalists and media that leads news receivers to overvalue violent responses to conflict and ignore non-violent alternatives when reporting on conflict and violence.

Andreas Klamm, a German freelance journalist, said, "It was a time to think about how the abstract concept of peace could be applied into course of actual reporting. In order for the media to be more human-rights-friendly, to consider ways to harmonize rather than focus on conflict, and to be able to offer alternatives, journalists must study more, and complete freedom of speech must be given. The media, journalists and citizens should continue to discuss and think constantly.

HWPL is strengthening cooperation with media and journalists joining MOUs with 23 media companies from 22 countries across the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. HWPL will continue to actively engage with journalists through discussions on not only peace journalism but also the human rights of journalists and the liberalization of the media from the government and media owners.

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