Mildred Coonrod of Greenbrier was shaken out of bed Wednesday morning by an earthquake, and by the afternoon she was getting a little nervous. One after another, sonic boom-like thundering earthquakes rattled the windows of her house on Snowden Road. One quake at 3:45 p.m. measured a 3.5 magnitude, much larger than the tremors earlier in the day. Having grown up in that part of Missouri that is part of the New Madrid fault, Mrs. Coonrod said she knows earthquakes, “but this is weird,” she added. One day earlier, a geologist had given a presentation in Conway to help residents be prepared for earthquakes of all sizes. Eighteen earthquakes were recorded Tuesday and Wednesday in Faulkner County.

Vilonia City Council members on Tuesday night added their seal of approval to increase the city’s fleet of emergency vehicles by two and to add one city employee. The fire department is now the “proud owner” of a donated 1994 ladder truck with about 30,000 miles on the odometer. The council also approved spending $37,000 to purchase an outfitted vehicle to be used as a police cruiser, and approved the hiring of Daniel Frintz of Conway as a full-time police officer.


Carl Stuart Middle School students are earning money for playground equipment and landscaping around the school through Kids, Cans, Plus!, a school recycling program sponsored by Reynolds Recycling. Reynolds pays for the aluminum cans recycled and offers prizes of $150 each to the area schools that recycle the most pounds and the most pounds per student. The school is also recycling old newspapers for the Conway Sanitation Department, and cardboard which Virco Mfg. Corp. picks up and recycles for the district.

February is the month to remember loved ones, but this year a group of Marguerite Vann Elementary School students is remembering those who may not feel loved – the homeless. Vocabulary words in Pam Hendrixson’s fourth-grade class this month have included: poverty, soup kitchen and NIMBY (not in my backyard). They have collected items to take to Bethlehem House, a transitional shelter for the homeless in Conway.


Mrs. W.E. Jumper was honored Friday at a surprise party at her home in observance of her 85th birthday. Hosts for the occasion were her son, Jack Jumper, and Mrs. Jumper, and her daughter, Mrs. Jess F. Dempsey. The house was decorated with potted plants, red roses and birthday cards from friends and relatives. A square white cake trimmed with red roses and accented with “Happy Birthday to Granny” in red icing on top, was served, along with punch and roasted pecans. Mrs. E.S. Jennings, who observed her 90th birthday on Tuesday, was a special guest.

W.A “Bill” Glenn, director of the lunchroom program in the Conway public schools, was honored Tuesday at a Founders Day program at Ellen Smith Elementary School. Bill Glenn Day was proclaimed by the Ellen Smith PTA. Mrs. Travis Moseley presented a huge proclamation and a $20 gift certificate to Mr. Glenn, who has been with the Conway schools for 12 years.

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