Jan. 18


• Harps Food Stores was coming to Greenbrier. Site plans were presented to the Greenbrier Planning Commission for approval. A $3million building would be constructed on four acres between the Senior Citizen Center and First Arkansas Bank on Highway 65.

• Andrew Vengston from Greenbrier High School was pictured reinstalling a taillight on the 1963 Ford Falcon that he and his classmates at the Conway Career Center auto body class had rebuilt. The center would eventually sell the car and reinvest the money back into the auto body program.

• Twenty-two Greenbrier High School students earned AP Scholar Awards for their exceptional achievement.


• Conductor Charles Jones Evans was pictured leading the Conway Civic Orchestra through a dance number during a special performance for area fifth grade students at the Conway Public Schools Auditorium. The program introduced the students to different types of music and instruments.

• A strand mapping of the Conway cable-television system had been completed and Conway Corporation sought a firm to take the maps and design a fiber optic system. Design Extender of Town and Country, Missouri was hired to complete the $30,000 task and was expected to take 90 to 120 days.


• Mrs. Ray Hambuchen, Mrs. Frank Moix, Mrs. Bob Childs and Mrs. Gerald Lackey were among the Jaycettes preparing the Arkansas Community Development Book that would be submitted to the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce.

• City police received reports that water hydrants were being turned on near the new Conway High School causing water to freeze on the streets. Conway Public Schools and St. Joseph School were closed because of slick streets and highways.

• The First Baptist Church had a balance of $66,450 in its building fund. The increase included the sale of the parsonage to Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hudson.


• Four senior high school students at Conway High School—Madge Ethridge, Terry Harton, Modean Nutter and John Shettel—had the distinction of making all A grades, while Judy Rowlett made all A’s in junior high school for the third six weeks of the 1944-45 session.

• Two hundred and sixty-one Conway High School students took their tuberculosis “patch” tests, which were given under the auspices of the Parent-Teacher Association at the high school. Those whose tests proved positive would receive a written invitation to go to the health department for a free chest x-ray.


• The site of the new Arkansas Christian College being established in Morrilton would be selected at a conference between J.C. Dawson of Conway and representatives of the Morrilton Chamber of Commerce. A tract of 40 acres on the outer edge of the city that lay between two of the hard-surface highways being constructed was the suggested site.

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