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Greenbrier Church of the Nazarene Youth Pastor Daniel Hillian is streaming inspiring messages online and creating activities for youth to do from home.

A local youth pastor is working to keep Greenbrier teens focused on their faith and involved in group activities while quarantined at home.

The Greenbrier Church of the Nazarene began streaming its worship services on YouTube to allow its members to stay engaged with the church while also practicing social distancing to help prevent further spreading the novel coronavirus amidst the current outbreak.

While pastor Steve Thrasher and youth pastor Daniel Hillian have begun streaming their respective services on the church’s YouTube channel, Hillian has worked to further engage the church’s youth while they are quarantined at home.

Of the activities he has set up for them to complete at home is an interactive scavenger hunt. The scavenger is set up through GooseChase, which is an online app the youth members (and others) can download onto their phones.

The scavenger hunt allowed the church’s youth members to send in photos of their finds and interact with each other from a safe distance, Hillian said.

“One of the items on the list was to find a license plate where the numbers add up to 11. They also had to find and stack up 30 pennies,” the youth pastor said.

Hillian said he wanted to find a way to keep the church’s youth engaged and that he also invites others in the community to take part in the group’s fun.

“I’m just trying to figure out what we can do,” he said. “Even with my own little boy, I’m like everyone else and like to sit down and watch TV. We try to get out and walk around the property, but you can only do that so many times.”

The youth pastor said he wants to help keep the community’s youth from feeling isolated while they’re quarantined at home.

By taking part in scavenger hunts and online Bible studies, he said hopes to remind area teens that they are not alone. The youth pastor is working to set up other activities the group can work on from home as well.

In his most recent youth message streamed via YouTube, Hillian encouraged area teens to be the change needed to help stop the COVID-19 outbreak.

“During this time, I just want to encourage you to continue to love your neighbor. Part of doing that as a youth group, as a church, as a community is we’re going to honor what our local government and our local health experts are telling us,” he said. “That means we get to stay at home for a little bit. I just want to encourage you. This is an opportunity to really be creative.”

Hilliman said he wants to inspire the community to stick together through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thrasher said the church’s online Sunday service will begin at 10:30 a.m. Sunday.

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