Give it to Kelly, she’ll do it

The Log Cabin Democrat’s editorial board has come up with an idea to engage readers, and its one the news staff is excited to entertain because it is going to put a little pressure on their newsroom leader.

Beginning today, the Log Cabin Vice President of Audience Kelly Sublett will begin writing "Readers’ Choice" stories.

As often as they are submitted to the newsroom and are identified as such in the submission, Sublett will hunt down stories of reader interest on any topic.

"This is really going to challenge me," Sublett said. "It has been a lot of years since I was a full-time reporter. I fill in now when I am needed, but to actually have a beat of sorts is going to make me work a little harder. But I am good with that!"

As long as submissions for "Readers’ Choice" are timely, appropriate for Log Cabin readership and can be corroborated and supported with legitimate and/or official sources, Sublett will tackle them.

Submissions specifically aimed at a beat such as courts, crimes, education, local government or politics will first be offered to the reporters assigned to cover those beats on a regular basis. That is newsroom policy and assures those reporters have the right of first refusal within the scope of their beat assignments.

But beyond that, anything goes.

"For example, the drinking water safety story on the front page [today] was one that came to us from a couple of reader requests," Sublett said. "I put my reporter hat on and took on the task. It made me nervous at first to not be covering a live event, but actually putting together some information for the first time in a while. I have to admit, it is like riding a bike in some aspects, but in others, well, I had to remember the mechanics."

Besides being able to pitch in and help, this "Readers’ Choice" challenge will allow another voice in the newspaper on a regular basis.

"I feel like contributing more than my opinion on things," Sublett said. "I like to write a good column from time to time, but I would rather be able to bring something readers are specifically asking me for. I think this challenge is an important step in opening lines of communication with the community."

Submit your story ideas to Please include "Readers’ Choice" in the subject line.