On Conway mayoral election:

The Conway mayoral race is a three-way choice. On the surface, two are very similar in their home-town style, while the third stands apart as a polished politician. Our task is to pay attention, ask questions, and look for the truth in the answers.

Mark Elsinger describes himself as a conservative, Scott Grummer describes himself as a moderate, and Bart Castleberry uses the term conservative moderate. All three have deep family roots in Conway. All three express a great pride in our town. All three point out financial difficulties brought on by overspending — or irresponsible management — by the current administration. All three candidates likened our financial status to a family having maxed out its credit cards. As voters, our decision involves choosing the best path to solvency and controlled growth.

If we ran our governments as we do our household budgets we would not be in this position in the first place. I for one feel that Mark Elsinger’s campaign motto of "Progress We Can Afford" is the best solution to the city’s debt. He proposes a hard look at the city budget to find the overextended debts and work to eliminate them before we take on more.

Streets are a priority for him, drainage is another, ‘and then everything else.’ Mark points out that there is no law that says we must spend every penny of income. Just like a home budget, the city needs to control spending. He acknowledges that some of the city’s debt is locked in and feels that money can be freed up by cutting back thus generating the money to pay off our debt. That is a hard stand but it sounds like a sensible plan to me!