Dearest Barbara (Babe),

As I sit here in the quietness of the morning, I was thinking about the first time i saw you., saw how beautiful you were.

I waved and smiled at you, a little flame lit in my heart.

Each time I saw you, I wanted to ask you to go out with me. However, it took about three months before I did.

Then our first date wasn’t the best place to take a lady – to wrestling.

I knew I wanted you to be my wife and walk through this world with me.

Babe, I loved you then, I love you still, I always have and I always will, as long as I live, be it one hour or 100 years, I will always love you.

You are one in a million.

When you come in a room, you light up everything. Different people have told you that.

You have always been at my side all the way. You have always been the queen of my heart.

To love for a moment is an easy thing, but to keep a love strong over the years requires a true desire to make the other one happy.

It was so easy to fall in love with you and stay. Forever, darling, my love will be true. Always and forever I will love only you.

May this fire in my heart forever burn. I love you more today than yesterday, I will love you more tomorrow than today, until the 12th of Never.

As we leave this life and enter into Heaven, I want to take your hand as we stroll over Heaven together forever and ever, until the 12th of Never.

You have always been the best wife and the best Valentine.

I would be nothing without you at my side. Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy 53th anniversary.

Love now and forever,


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