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Ed Camp’s, 1116 Oak Street, was founded in 1910 when William Abner Camp (1858-1946) and his family moved to Conway from Springfield in Conway County. W.A. was originally from South Carolina.

The original store, Norwood-Camp & Company, was owned by Will Norwood, W.A. Camp and his brother, John S. Camp (1880-1951). It carried hardware, feed, seed, fertilizer and clothing. The cash register bearing the name Norwood-Camp & Company would still be in use decades later.

Four years later, W.A. Camp bought Norwood’s interest in the store and changed the name of the store to Camp Brothers. The two brothers continued to carry basically the same line of stock. W.A.’s son, Edward Earl Camp, Sr. (1904-1985) would eventually join the family business.

In 1925, W.A. Camp bought John Camp’s interest in the store and renamed the store W.A. Camp and Company. It was at this time that he relocated the store to 1116 Oak. Later there was also a Guy Camp’s men store next door, run by Ed Sr.’s brother, Guy Abner Camp (1896-1974)

In 1970, Ed Camp’s was remodeled to include a new brick floor at the front and carpeting throughout the main store. The ceiling was lowered and new fixtures were installed. By this time, Ed Camp, Jr. had joined his father in the business and it was considered one of the leading men’s clothiers in Conway.

Ed Camp’s Gentlemen’s Clothier continued to serve the men’s clothing needs of Conway into the 1990s. Ed, Jr. sold the store in August 2000 to Lori Windle Quinn. Quinn sold it to the Yockey Family in 2012. Branch Out has been located in the space for a few years now.

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