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Before cell phones entered the classroom and text messaging made it easy to communicate with your friends during class, students wrote old-fashioned paper notes. These “super-secret” notes from the 1980s involved a special folding ritual that gave the notes some privacy but mostly just made them small enough to perhaps avoid detection by the teacher as they were passed in class.

As a student, getting caught passing a note in school was one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to you, especially if the note had anything to do with that “cute” boy or girl you had your eye on.

Here were the instructions on how to fold such a note: Start in the upper right corner and fold it down so it makes a triangle over to the left-hand side. Go from the lower right-hand corner to the left-hand corner, folding across. Turn the whole thing over. Then fold the whole thing up from the bottom incrementally, making sure to leave enough at the end for the tuck in.

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