How does Medicare Advantage differ from Champ VA?

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I wanna know

Dear I Wanna Know:

I love your question. A Medicare Advantage Plan is first an alternative to original Medicare, regulated by Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and administered through a private insurance carrier or insurance company.

Champ VA is a health insurance for the spouses of disabled veterans. It is administered through the veterans administration. When you couple the Champ VA benefits with your original Medicare, Parts A and Parts B you will typically have nothing come out of pocket.

I personally, usually will not place someone in this situation on an additional medical plan. In doing so could cause disruption in how the these individuals claims are filed and could cause the beneficiary unneeded headaches when filing claims. They are better to keep what they have with Champ VA and Medicare.

I appreciate each of you.

Please email, text or call with your questions. I have gotten a number of questions and answer every single person that contacts me. I want to thank you for allowing me to be your Medicare Professional.

Shannan Pruitt has been in the insurance industry for 23 years. Send her your insurance questions to MyMedicare or by calling/texting 501-290-0079.

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