Our morning run today was 38 degrees with a northeast wind of 12 miles per hour, making it feel like it was 30 degrees. While many might not think of this as much of a blessing, personally this was a blessed day for me through exercise. You see, my wife (of 38 years) and I enjoyed a 5 mile run during this weather, and to us it was just a wonderful way to start the day, in fact, I’d say almost perfect!

Today, I share with you all my first guest column to the Log Cabin, so I must begin by saying thank you to the Cabin, and also thank you to you (the readers) for allowing me the chance to share this article with you. As a lifelong resident of Conway, many of you know Joe Pruett, and if so, you have likely seen me and many of my friends and of course my lovely wife running the streets of Conway, as this has been our joy now for over 25 years in our life.

To say that I am blessed through exercise is an understatement, while yes, we all know that there are physical benefits of a good exercise plan in one’s life, such as:

Aiding in weight management.

Lowering blood pressure.

Improve your quality of sleep (and oh, just ask my closest friends and they can tell you Joe, sleeps).

Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Protect you against many other chronic diseases.

While those in themselves would be wonderful reasons to exercise I want to come at this from another angle, the angle of friendship. I have through the years shared much of my life with close friends, (Ron & Cheryl Bramlett, Coy Roberts, Jim Hays, Tommy Walsh, Henry Hawk, Mark Freedle and my most trusted of all running partners my lovely wife, Adele). Over the years we have created and shared much of our life in the stories weaved while traversing the streets of Conway. Over the miles and oh there has been many, most of them rather slow, some of them not running at all, but just walking, the experiences we have gained and stories that we have shared have just been so valuable to me, and will forever be embedded in my heart and mind.

So, as we begin a new year, I want to encourage all of you, to find a friend, lace up your shoes and become blessed through exercise. I pray you will get most if not all of the health benefits I have shared above, and my guess is you will see some of those benefits, but what I can honestly promise you is that you will without a doubt get the other “friend” benefits we will call them by sharing this time with another. It doesn’t have to be far (although the more you do it, you will see the farther you will go), and it doesn’t have to be fast (although the more you do it, the faster you will go), it just takes one step at a time, and life for you will be blessed through exercise. Set a goal, start at something small, say around the block, and then just build on up from there and you will see the sky is the limit … So, when the Pruett family looks at their weather app and it shows the morning to be cold, maybe even raining and we lace up our shoes and head out the door, just know that this is one of the best parts of our day, and we are truly Blessed through Exercise. See ya on the road!

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