Our article last week talked about perseverance, and today I think our journey will take us down a path whereby we thank many individuals who show this attribute in their lives, quite possibly daily. This week’s blessed through is going out to all of you first responders. Now, I want to make sure that I don’t omit anyone in this arena, and I am by no means an expert on this statement at all, so my definition is meant to include all of those who risk their lives, or give in their lives to make ours safer – EMT drivers, firefighters, sheriff’s deputies, nurses, doctors, police officers, Red Cross workers, dispatchers, tow truck drivers and paramedics. While my list may not be conclusive of all who would think of themselves as a first responder, please know the intent of my heart is to include you. Thank you all for making our lives safer by risking what you do in your life. Over the winter and for sure during our epic of a snowstorm in Conway, my wife and I got introduced to three TV shows, Chicago PD, Fire and Med. While I totally understand these are fiction they do I believe offer a glimpse into the realities of life for many in my list today. I am more knowledgeable about what the term truck means to a firefighter, and the term squad, there were many episodes we watched where men and women would run into burning buildings risking their lives in the process of doing so, is this not what might could happen at the Conway Fire Department. I am blessed to have known a number of firemen in my life and all would without a doubt risk their own life to save another, Thank you so much for your service. Our police officers begin their work shift today not knowing what may occur during this shift, one of my closest friends is a retired US Marshall. Luckily, he never was injured in his career, but one only has to listen to the news to hear about fallen men in the field protecting the lives of others, thank you for your service. And, lastly, Chicago Med, the story of an Emergency room and its inner workings. What a glimpse into the life of Conway Regional, and/or Baptist Health, thank you so much for your service. Just last week my wife and I took our second COVID shot, and sadly felt the effects of the shot and felt poorly for a number of days. We are immensely thankful and grateful to the office of Dr. Throneberry for helping us get back to normal, as it is no fun at all to not feel well, which reminds me of a quote some of you may have heard in life, when you are well, there are a 1,000 things you think about wanting or getting, but when you are sick it is likely you only think about one, and that is being well. Thank you to all the doctors, nurses and caregivers for helping as many people you can go from sick to well, they may not say thank you, but I bet they do, but I can assure you they are extremely grateful to you for your sacrifice. So, as we continue to journey for 2021 and looking weekly through the eyes of this gentlemen at different ways we are blessed, let us tip our hat and say thank you for your service to all of you who work double shifts, work when the risk is great for you and your family (COVID-19), work through terrible weather (police, tow truck drivers), and do so in an effort to protect those in and around our community. We are all blessed through our first responders and on behalf of all of those you protect, I want to say thank you!

Contact Joe Pruett by email at joe epru@yahoo.com.

Contact Joe Pruett by email at joe epru@yahoo.com.

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