I am not quite sure who to blame but have you noticed in our lives how many people are drowning us with their never ending requests of “customer satisfaction surveys?”

I spent my entire working career in the service industry and never ever dreamt of a time when we would be so forced to ask clients to give us a 10 on any survey if they were called, but towards the end of my career this was exactly what our senior management was forcing us in the field to do and it was kind of embarrassing to say the least to even have to ask someone to say how we did?

Like, what happened to simply providing great customer service? I am so reminded of the article that Jim Davidson had in the newspaper a few weeks ago, I believe it was titled, the Quiet Customer. Please forgive me if I missed the name, but I for sure didn’t miss the content. The Quiet Customer is the one who doesn’t complain to you about poor customer service they simply take their business elsewhere. Isn’t this a true measure of how one did and not need to have a survey involved to tell them.

Maybe we need to place the blame on JD Power and Associates for you see it seems to me that companies are so intent on getting good ratings from them, they are spending more and more time coaching clients on how to fill out a survey than they are on simply providing excellent customer service. In my article last week on blessed through courtesy, I mentioned some specific names of folks that deserved such mentioning, well, I want to do so again this week in this article, for you see I had a service done at my home last week and not one time did the man ask me how he did, he simply provided excellent service, above and beyond to say the least and did so at a very reasonable price.

I am speaking to you today about Robert Crenshaw and his business Crenshaw’s floor care. He and his assistant came to our home last week and worked for two days cleaning all of the floors (I mean all of the floors) in our home. Our carpet which is 18 years old, looks brand new, as does the other parts of our flooring. He was punctual, hard working and caring. He simply provided excellent customer service, and at no time did he ever ask me to give him a 10 on any customer service rating program.

I’m guessing Crenshaw is more concerned with providing great customer service than he is a JD power rating award! As he was leaving I complimented him on his work and efforts and how much of an impression he had made on me, and he said, Joe, I firmly believe that if you give a customer an excellent service at a fair price you won’t long for customers.

Crenshaw thank you, and I so hope your business continues to be filled with many blessings. We are indeed blessed in our lives when provided with great customer service and for those who provide this service, they don’t have to ask how did they do, we will for sure tell others about companies who provide such great service! Until next week.

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