I so enjoy our sharing time with each other through these articles. It is really amazing how God imparts on me the different subjects for us to talk about each week.

Ironically, while I have written down a number of different subjects, many of which I do hope we get to, it is amazing how out of the clear blue, God will put on my heart the desire to talk about this particular subject and such is the case with our discussion this week.

Helping others is such an amazing and fruitful experience, but before we dive into how it is that we can help others, I want to begin by sharing with you an amazing friend in my life who embodies this very topic to its fullest.

My friend’s name is Ed Powers. Ed and his wife Sondra moved to our town a few years ago, both are in their late 70s and are just am an amazing couple.

They were high school sweethearts who have been married for 57 years. A few years ago Ed’s wife sadly had a stroke, now mind you I only say sadly because it did make some changes to her life, but both she and Ed have not let this slow them down in life which makes my article this week so much easier to write.

Ed, you see, is his wife’s caregiver, and while some might think this is a burden on Ed, I can for sure tell you that this is not the case in his heart. Amazingly though, in addition to caring for his lovely wife, Ed cares for so many others.

Let me remind you again that I stated he is in his late 70s and well, just a couple of weeks ago he got up on the top of one of his neighbor’s roofs to blow off the leaves from their roof, he mows yards for some of his other neighbors all the while caring for his lovely wife. I don’t have earthly heroes in my life, but if I did I can assure you the sacrificial love I see Ed display to so many would make him at the top of my list, were I to have such a list.

He embodies what loving our neighbor is all about, as he is all about caring and helping those in his midst whether family or neighbors. I am not a big Facebook or social media type of person at all, but today I did see this on Facebook of a church member, I only looked thinking she herself might need help.

Her page popped up with a photo, it was a photo of an elderly lady, age was not given so let me just guess for us as in her 80s, and at her table a young man, again no age given, so lets say in his 20s, sat down to have lunch with her. The caption said, he was merely asking if he could share a meal with her and enjoy the time together so to speak.

What a beautiful way in which we can help another. How about the pay it forward program in the world that pops up every so often.

Have you been at a drive-thru restaurant and pulled up to pay only to hear the words that your order has been paid by the car in front of you? Have you ever done this for another?

If not, try it sometime. I mean just pull up to McDonald’s and pay for the meal for the person behind you, I suspect there will be two leaving that day with a joyful heart.

Giving is indeed ever so helping in life.

Today, I met a man, one that I didn’t know well, we will call him an acquaintance.

In driving his truck I noticed that he had baggies full of stuff in the doors of his truck, they had water, crackers and other snacks and I have no doubt that these are used by this man to give to folks on street corners asking for help. What a beautiful way to help another.

Picking up the phone and calling a long-lost friend, or a close friend whom you haven’t spoken to in a while is another way we can help others.

Mowing yards, taking out trash cans, picking up a friend who needs a ride, grabbing down from a top shelf an item that a shorter person needs but can’t reach, I mean so many ways to make a helpful impact on another in our lives. God offers us many ways to make can impact on others in our lives that we simply need to make time to do so.

You will and are indeed blessed through helping others in this life and my friends we all at times need a pick me up.

As the holiday season comes upon us take time to follow Ed’s path in life and help others, again, I see two hearts being full by this action. Until next week.

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