Memory, something from the past or a recollection. In my first article I shared with you all that I have lived all my life in Conway (57 years). My hopes today are to share a glimpse of the past with you, let’s see where our journey takes us this week.

I can almost picture it like it was yesterday, my grandparents taking me and their children to the drive in movie theatre on south Harkrider street. Yes, Conway had it’s very own outdoor drive in theatre located near where Conway corporation has a branch down on Ha rkrider. Keeping in the theatre scene I can recall seeing a movie in the Old Theatre on front street in downtown Conway … gosh, I can still picture the purple ropes heading up the steps to get into the seating area, there was a downstairs and even an upstairs area for seating (oh how I hope my memory doesn’t leave me on this journey)! I can recall after it closed, our new cinema was near hobby lobby, and oh those were of my high school days, so boy are there are some wonderful memories there … first dates, meeting friends, car riding through the Walmart parking lot on Friday nights … Still speaking to folks my age, how about Electric Cowboy, what with it’s pool tables, and space invader machines … Oh what fun.

One cannot think about Conway of old and not recall how the parade used to be on a school day (Wednesday), they would let us out of school at noon, and parade would start around 1:30-2:00, just enough time to make our way to Shorty’s for a hot dog, or root beer, and prior to Shorty’s one sure cant forget Dog N Sud’s, can’t you still picture the sign of Dog N Sud’s (I know I can!)

Our fairgrounds on Bruce street offers much joy to remember ... what with summer YBMA baseball, (taste freeze for ice cream) and then with the arrival of the fair in September … just so much to take in …

Restaurants, ok, who out there recall’s eating at Clawson’s. Then of course Brannan’s drive in (home of the lemonade made by hand). I worked there for a short while and recall Frank Jr teaching me how to make pimento cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise and their famous foot long hot dogs and oh so many lemonades, it was such a wonderful experience. Coy’s steakhouse on Donaghey (where Stobys is now), Tommy’s restaurant, kind of near where IHOP is today, a hamburger from Lewis livestock auction (ever been to Sam’s this is where this was), what more could one ask for in fine dining!

I recall getting my very first bicycle from Elmer’s Sporting Goods, a green 10 speed bicycle sold to us by Harold Bates, gosh I rode that bike for what seemed like forever. Growing up on the corner of Donaghey and Weems street also provided a neat experience. Prior to the Conway high school being built, the old high school is where the 9th grade campus is now, and the football players would walk from their school on Prince St to practice behind Ida Burns Elementary School, on their way to and from they would stop at our house on the corner and get water out of the faucet … I was only very young at that time, but oh what fun. 1976 Conway Wampus cat basketball 36-0, led by Lawson Pilgrim, Austin Sullivan, TJ Ticey, Herman Hammons and others they were the talk of not only the town but the state. I was a ball boy at the state tournament held at UCA. I can recall they played an undefeated Blytheville team led by Dennis Isbell … The line to get into the gym wrapped around many blocks. Oh, how I could keep on and on, but the point I truly hope I’ve made with you all is that life is about making memories, may my article today encourage you to reflect on some of your prior memories and begin anew by making new ones as I am doing now with my 5 grandchildren! Conway, has and is providing me with much, much joy, I pray it does the same for you ... until next week … Joe

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