Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! Those are the words we are prone to say during the Christmas season. We seek to wake up to a white Christmas, but sadly rarely do we get that joy. We even have a movie, titled White Christmas where there is a scene in the show were the cast all sing that very tune, Let it Snow … as they are bound for Vermont and as it is stated in the show, a winter wonderland awaits. While we are for sure not in Vermont, we are indeed in the midst of our very own winter wonderland and I think that it is a great time to explore, how we are indeed Blessed through Snow! Now, before we go further, remember, glass half full during our time together as I for sure know that being stuck is not any blessing, hey I work for AAA! As I sit here and type this article on President’s day, there is a whole lot of snow on the ground and still falling, plus we are being told that later this week, we will get a second round of this beautiful white stuff so where is all the Blessings. Growing up in Conway, I can recall many of the significant snow events we have had in our city, well, in fact, just last week in our 10 years ago section, we were reminded that in February 2011 we received 8 inches of snow, so this may be our 10 year snow. As a child I can recall the great anticipation we all had when the weather forecast would call for snow, hey, our Blessing was we wanted to miss school and play in the snow … I’m wondering today, with us living in Covid times and the virtual school process that is ongoing, are they getting the same joy we got when it snowed? I know that many businesses, mine included are closed today in an effort to keep folks safe, so that in itself might be cause for calling this a Blessing, a day off from work (rest), time to share with your family (play a game, watch a movie), take a nap (more rest), read a book, but simply relax, slow down and enjoy the beauty that comes to our area ever so rarely, a Blessing indeed! Yesterday, when the snow started to fall, and rapidly did it fall, prior to the streets becoming hazardous, we got to witness many families playing in the snow, I saw mom’s and dad’s wrapped up, pushing or pulling their children on sleds (in Conway!). I saw neighbors playing with other neighbors, enjoying the beauty of the day that God provided us in the form of this beautiful snow. Blessed indeed through snow was the feeling I was getting while watching these folks, play. My own grandchildren both near and far (Fayetteville) were bundled up playing in the snow, our 1 year old played in the snow for the first time in his life, that is indeed a Blessing, we wont soon forget. I’m reminded of popular events that occur in Conway when it snows … Sledding on Country Club Hill, such fun and my guess is they would say they were very Blessed. If you like most of Conway did, popped into a grocery store in the past few days, you could sure tell that the planning for this event was in full force, as their shelves were empty, folks stocking up on essentials (good idea by the way), so as to be prepared for what may come our way. Being from Conway, I’m not a snow skier, but by gosh I saw on the local news where nearby us, in Cabot and Searcy folks were actually snow skiing, Blessed indeed! Blessed through snow, friends, seeing the beauty of all God’s creative work at hand is simply treasures and blessings to us all. I hope that our event this week finds you warm, safe and enjoying the beauty of such snow, it’s likely that for years to come we wont’ see this time of event anytime again soon, so enjoy it while it last’s and remember, if you don’t like the weather in Arkansas just wait, it’ll change, and in a few months we will all be saying, when is this heat going to end! But until then, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

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