Give and honor to God, Jesus our Lord, Savior and Helper.

My dearest son Marcus, how we miss you. I can not believe it has been 18 years since you fell asleep and went home to be with Jesus. I know you are in the hands of our Heavenly Father, which are the best hands to be in. I am so glad you were saved making Jesus your Lord and Savior, before leaving this earth. Because you were saved I will see you again one day, Amen. Man, you know there will be no more separation between us. We will live together throughout eternity, forever with Jesus, the one who died for us. The one who is the true and living God, the only begotten of the Father. Little Man, what a day that will be!

I remember when you were young, and I started calling you Man. That is the name I will always refer to you by, because that is who you are to me. There are times I call JT, your sister Dion’s son Man, but it is just not the same, although he is your nephew. Oh, how I miss you so. Daily, I feel you close to me. I know I cannot see you face to face until Jesus returns to bring His church home. It is then I will have the opportunity to see my Lord and Savior Jesus and you face to face. Son, this world has gotten so much worse since you departed this life, it is out of control. However, I know Jesus remains in control, He is Sovereign. I put my hope and trust in Him. One day He will say, “enough is enough, I am tired of my children going through that chaos the devil is causing in their lives.” I do not know what the exact time will be, but I feel He is soon to come and call us home. It will be sooner than we think. Man, this world is messed up, you are not missing anything here on this earth; but I am sure you are aware of that, after all you are with Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He sees and knows all things. Man, we just want to say Happy Heavenly Birthday from your mother and me. We love you and miss you! I am a little teary eyed, so I am going to stop now, before I break down in tears. Until we meet again in Heaven. We Love You! Happy Birthday, Lil Man!

So It Is, It Is So!

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