We’ve successfully survived one week under quarantine in my household.

After learning I’d been exposed to someone who possibly had the coronavirus while out covering a meeting on March 12, I was ordered last week to stay out of the office and self quarantine. Nearly one week later, we learned that man indeed had tested positive for COVID-19. Though no one in my home has shown any symptoms, we are staying away from everyone else we know. Social distancing is extremely important during this roller coaster of a pandemic. Thankfully, everyone else at the office also left and began working from home to prevent potentially spreading the virus.

Since being quarantined at home with the kiddos, I’ve learned I’m not as patient as I thought I was. Working from home while also attempting to walk two preschoolers through their AMI assignments was a bit of a circus, but I am so thankful for the quality time we’ve had together.

This COVID-19 quarantine has been quite an adventure.

Last week, my taller half and I took 4-year-old Karson and 5-year-old Jadah to Woolly Hollow State Park and had a nature scavenger hunt. The littles were instructed to find rocks with spots, items that started with the first letter of their names, sticks of various sizes and other miscellaneous objects found on the trail.

As we wrapped up our outdoor mission, we headed for the waterfall at the park’s entrance. Thanks to the recent rain, the water flowed over the rocks near the Huckleberry Trail. The view was breathtakingly beautiful and the opportunity to get out with our littles while the sun was shining was a luxury. Sometimes, it’s difficult to get out before it gets dark. This story seems like a fairytale, and just like any happy-go-lucky tale, there is an interesting plot twist. For us, this happened on our way back to the car. As we were walking over one of the two small bridges that aids hikers across the water, Jadah decided it would be fun to run quickly to the other side.

Unfortunately, the grumpy ole troll under the bridge had other plans and helped Jadah plunge into the cold, rushing waters. Luckily, I’ve been training to jump into cold water by participating in the annual Polar Plunge event the past four years. With my phone still in my pocket, I dived in after her. No one was hurt, and we laughed and learned about why it’s important to walk and not run across bridges (or when hiking).

It was a chaotic way to teach the littles a new life lesson, but I truly believe it was effective.

After the weekend passed by, Karson learned the importance of brushing one’s teeth with a clean toothbrush and that dipping his toothbrush in the toilet is disgusting. Apparently, this was a lesson one 4-year-old needed and I’m glad we had this talk. I’ve certainly learned my children have a lot of weird habits when social distancing from mom.

As we embrace togetherness, the family decided I could try my hand at cutting hair. This was an interesting experience for me, because I’ve never used a set of clippers. Alas, we let the quarantine adventures continue by giving little Karson a Mohawk. He loves the new look, and is excited to show all of his school friends once we get the all-clear to return to school.

I hope all of you are making memories and staying safe during this tragic outbreak. Spend time with your families if you can, wash your hands often and please, do not dip your toothbrushes in the toilet!

Staff writer Marisa Hicks can be reached at mhicks@thecabin.net.

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