My children stayed up well past their bedtime Tuesday night, and to my surprise, they weren’t grumpy the following morning.

After moving into our new space nearly nine months ago, the kids have anxiously awaited for me and my love to fulfill a promise we made more than a year ago.

Michael and I promised the kids we could get a family pup once we moved out of our Greenbrier apartment. Eight months have passed since the move, and we excitedly surprised the kids with a 5-week-old German Shepherd/Boxer mix Tuesday night.

Our teenagers were home perfecting their I’d-rather-not-clean-today pleas and our 5-year-old daughter was already with her mother by the time I got the news we could pick up Megatron. Karson and I were visiting with my mom Tuesday evening at her Quitman home when we learned we would be bringing home our furry friend.

He’s already made such a strong impact on the kiddos.

Smiling ear-to-ear, Karson asked me repeatedly on the drive from my mother’s house to the local Dollar General store where we would pick up little Megatron to sing a silly song I made up about the puppy and our cat, Moose. As we pulled up to the store, the sweet family who offered us the pup was already waiting for us outside.

I hadn’t even made my way around the car before Karson attempted to free himself from his carseat straps. The frustrated tugged and pulled on his carseat straps until at last, I unbuckled him and helped him out of the car. Immediately, the boy ran past me and up to Michael, who was holding the newest member of our family.

We weren’t fully prepared, but that was OK. After thanking the group, we placed the puppy in a basket and selected a dinosaur-printed pillow and blanket for the puppy.

Karson used all his strength to carry a bag of puppy food to the front counter. While he typically gives up on carrying anything heavier than a pack of Oreos, the 4-year-old boy proudly carried the bag of food all the way to the front of the store.

It was also the first time I’ve taken Karson into a store that sells toys and wasn’t asked at least 10 times if he could have one. Having this pup is already coming in handy.

Karson also helped me unload our puppy supplies and settle Megatron into his new home – our home. It didn’t take long before the “sleeping” teenagers lurked from their bedroom to make sure the odd, grunting sounds they heard from the hallway weren’t coming from a monster or opossum or whatever else their minds wandered to.

Before our 14-year-old walked the length of the hallway, she shrieked with joy.

For at least an hour, she and my 4-year-old giggled together and helped welcome Megatron into this new environment I hope he will accept as home.

As time quickly passed by, I realized I’d let all the children stay up past their bedtime by more than an hour. It was time to end all fun and games, even though play mode was in full force.

Surprisingly, the children did not fight back and agreed we should all get some rest. After all, we would need energy to play with the new pup before school in the morning.

Instead of making his way into his bedroom, Karson convinced me to let him sleep in his large, cardboard gingerbread house. I didn’t see any reason to argue against him on the matter and even allowed Megatron to sleep in the box too.

I can tell these two will be inseparable in the coming years.

Our entire household is ecstatic to welcome a puppy into our family. And, at least now the kids will believe that when we make a promise, we’ll keep our word in good timing.

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