Good morning, brothers and sisters, God loves you. It does not matter what anyone says, it is because of Jesus we are alive today. You may think you woke up on your own strength or that the kids, the dog, or the cat caused you to wake up. No, no, it was God who allowed you to wake up. It is him who has you clothe and in your right mind. It is him who started you on your way today. I hate to burst some of your bubbles, but some of you believe because you are in good shape, and you exercise daily, you are alive by your own power and strength. Do not misunderstand me, that is good, we should take care of the bodies God gave us; After all, it is the temple of the holy spirit. Being in good shape is not the reason you are still alive, but rather the grace of God who has kept you. It is good you are in good shape, and you exercise a few days a week, but the very ability to exercise is because of the grace of God. You see, without him we can do nothing. All our help comes from him, the God who gave us grace and mercy. So, let us give honor where honor is due. All honor and glory belong to God, the one who is the only true and living God, Jesus. We must all honor God by highly respecting him and greatly esteeming him. Listen brothers and sisters, Jesus is real and alive. If you did not know it, now you do. Every time I look back over my life and what I have done and been through, I must thank the Lord for allowing me to be here today. When I write about what I did back then and some of the things I experience today, I am not boasting or bragging on myself. I am boasting and bragging on Jesus. It is because of him I made it through today and yesterday. Because of him I am here to talk about my yesterdays. Yes, God has been good to you and me. He should get glory and honor from us all. So, open your mouth and thank him for all he has done and for all he is going to do in your life. God is so good to us. He is so loving kind and merciful. He is the God of many chances. He is the God of forgiveness. The God who speaks and causes man to live. The God who speaks and man dies. He is an awesome and mighty God. He is the God of love. In closing, I want everyone to know each Friday I write, it is not to tear anyone down or to point a finger. I am not writing to make anyone think I am better than they are. You see we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I am not writing to discourage anyone, but to encourage you. I am writing to let you know Jesus died for you and rose from the grave that you may have eternal life. I write to let you know that Jesus is the only way to heaven. He is the forgiver of our sins. He is waiting on you with open arms to come to him. Repent of your sins. Ask Jesus to forgive you, find a Bible believing church, and get baptized in the Name of Jesus. The God of glory will change your life forever. Our God, our lord and savior Jesus Christ loves you and so do I. That is why I write the way I do.

So it is, it is so!

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