Editorial Courage

A poem by Mike Bass, Conway Writers Group

A little board of editors, whose paper serves the folk

In Faulkner County, central Arkansas,

Observed the tragic fact that our own President would stoke

The racist feelings that were hot and raw.

So many people couldn’t see the scene before their eyes,

But journalists cannot be blind that way.

The little board that runs the paper witnessed all the lies

And needless deaths and damage done each day.

The easy way would be to overlook the sins and shames,

But they had strength enough to quell that urge.

They knew that they’d be criticized and called some dirty names,

But they stood up and spoke against the scourge.

Who knows what follows such a move when tempers run so high?

I hope their stance will lessen all the strife.

My stance is that I’ll cheer their courage till the day I die.

I love to find true heroes in real life.

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