Response to the Log Cabin Democrat's endorsement


Trump may not be your cup of tea personality-wise but he is more than fit mentally AND physically to handle the office of president. I’m blown away by his energy and how he gets things done.

I truly believe he loves his country and places its welfare as his top priority when making decisions.

Can you name any president or leader who has training in handling a pandemic?! He is doing the best he can in making decisions and depends on the guidance of so-called experts who, quite honestly, don’t have all the answers either. Not Joe or Hillary or Bernie or Barack or George W or Bill – not one of them has any better background for dealing with such an unexpected worldwide problem and you can be sure they’d all be mismanaging the situation some way or another. Even Dr. Fauci has made some bad calls!

I know over 210,000 deaths sounds daunting and, especially for the family and friends of those who have died, it has a profound impact. But realize that there are some who are saying Covid may have been part of the scenario but it was not necessarily the cause of death. Take your first number – that’s about .03 percent of the population. Take the adjusted number of 12,000 – that’s .009 percent of the population. Again I say, to the families and friends of those who have died it’s a big deal but if you’re just looking at numbers, I’d say we’re doing better than we should expect. People are going to die. We all are going to die.

Foundering American Economy!!! Are you kidding me? We are in a pandemic! Businesses are still shut down - mostly in democratic run states and cities! Look at New York and California! Give me a break!!

Biden’s recovery package may have helped save the auto industry but it didn’t save THE ECONOMY. Even President Obama said that the economy could never grow more than 3%. But look what has happened under Trump’s watch. It’s Obama who couldn’t grow it over 3%.

Prior to March 13th our economy was booming. Unemployment was at its lowest level in decades especially for the African American and Hispanic populations. Record low unemployment! And median household income was up something like 6%! The stock market took off and is still doing well. When President Obama came to office the stock market was sitting around 18,000 points. Imagine how low it would have sunk when the pandemic hit, if it had started from that level! Trump’s business acumen put us in a very good place. 5 million fewer Americans have jobs now because of the pandemic, not Trump!

Regarding our image on the world stage. Trump cares about us not how the world perceives us and I like the fact that he’s not allowing a country like China to walk all over us. Whereas, Joe Biden is willing to hand them whatever they want.

Regarding civil unrest, observations regarding the “peaceful protests” make me wonder just who is providing the bricks, Molotov cocktails and frozen water bottles – palettes of said items! – for those protests that turn disruptive, destructive and out of control. It’s not Trump. Face it, you and many others just have never accepted that Trump won and Hillary lost and every effort has been made to undermine this president and hold him up in the worst possible light. And, in spite of that, he’s still accomplished more good in 47 months than Joe Biden ever did in 47 years!

Shame on you!

Christine Mayo

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