Thank those who help you

With so much going on in the world, I think it’s important to take time to thank the adults in our lives who have worked hard to help us during this time.

For me personally, I want to thank my teachers at Arkansas Virtual Academy, and my mom. My teachers helped me in my transition to online school so I could get a quality education like other students my age, and my mom supports me each day. 

I know many students, parents and teachers have had to make big life changes due to the changes in our world with COVID-19. I know many of these transitions haven’t been easy for any of us. 

As a student with down syndrome, I am thankful for my school staff who have always been there to help me with my education. I want to thank one teacher in particular — Mrs. Darla Mainer.

Mrs. Mainer is a wonderful and caring teacher. She always brightens my day and pushes me to do my best in school. If I’m having a tough day, Mrs. Mainer always knows how to cheer me up and help with my schoolwork. 

Thank you, Mrs. Mainer and all the teachers out there for your hard work! I encourage everyone to give thanks to those who are making an impact on your life. Let them know they’re appreciated. 

Phillip Holmes, Poplar Grove

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