Question for Arkansas delegates

As a constituent, I have a question for Sen. John Boozman, Sen. Tom Cotton and Rep. French Hill — when did you know the president was lying to all of us about the risks of coronavirus?

The people of Arkansas elected you to represent all of us in Congress, protect all of us and make decisions that were in the best interest of all Arkansans.

Your silence has been deafening. Yes, the U.S. president has lied to the American people, but the three of you are not the same caliber as this president. You are all three Arkansans; you are all three “one of us.”

You have all failed to protect us by not speaking out against these lies, and it has cost us our lives. We did not elect the Republican Party — we elected all three of you individually. I, as your constituent, am very disappointed in the job you have not done to protect us all.

Teresa Huff


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