Dear Editor and Citizens of Faulkner County,

As a fellow citizen of Faulkner County for almost 30 years, I have seen a lot of growth and improvement in our county, commerce, roads, schools, homes, and families achieving better lives here. We have unlimited job opportunities, three colleges, wonderful schools, and a huge variety of large stores and small shops, something for everyone, every human, that is.

So, what is missing in our wonderful county? An animal shelter, our county desperately needs an animal shelter. While we have a city shelter for the more than 60,000 citizens of Conway city, the more than 60,000 residents of the county, at this point, have nothing. There is no refuge for the abandoned dogs and cats except to fend for themselves, homeless.

The good news is that an opportunity is on the horizon with our forthcoming election. As a registered voter you have a chance to make a difference on many issues this year. One of these is the Tax

Reallocation proposal. Your vote of “Yes” will take the money already being collected and use 2.5% of the fund to establish operating cost for a shelter for the county animals. We now have enough money, $1.64 million from the voluntary personal property tax, to build the shelter. We need operating funds.

Because this reallocation will also help fund two other much-needed services, the sheriff's patrol and the county's 911 operations, your vote is all the more important. As an animal lover and advocate, my main motivation is the building of a home for the thousands of abandoned dogs and cats through the years, and I also care about these other two needs in our county.

Please do not let the big money groups of Rogers and others influence your decision this year. They only want to protect their profits with the current division of this tax. We need more as a county.

Please vote “Yes” for the Tax Reallocation on Nov. 3.

Jo Nell Plafcan

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