French Hill is a man of action

I am starting to wonder if there is a secret society that funds our media and our papers. Seems like everything I read in the papers or see on TV is slanted towards a liberal view. The headlines are written to enhance fear, the negative in our communities is always first, and the Democratic candidates are always being slighted by the Republicans. The Congressional race in District 2 is a great example. As a voter in District 2, I can tell you what I know of French Hill and what I know of Joyce Elliott and it would not be what you would read in the paper or see on the news. I have been involved in many community events in District 2 over the years. Guess who I see quite often – French Hill. You can also guess who I have never seen at a community event – Joyce Elliott. These are not partisan events, these are events that as my representative in Congress you should know about and attend. How can you speak for me and my fellow District 2 voters if you do not get out in the community? If the only things you see as opportunities to mingle with the constituents is when there is a decisive issue like a teacher strike or a protest, then you are not representing the majority of our district. Our district includes Little Rock, Conway and Benton but it also includes Sherwood, Mayflower, Vilonia, Greenbriar, Searcy, and Bald Knob and many other communities that deserve attention and representation from their congressman. I personally want to thank French Hill for attending so many of these events in the “small” towns in his district. Too many times we are forgotten until someone wants a vote from us. Myself and many others give our votes to the most deserving, the one who takes the time to speak with us and celebrates with us at our “small town” events even with all of his other responsibilities. Actions should speak louder than words! Thank you French Hill for your actions, and you have my vote!

Karyn Maynard


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