Home delivery of alcohol

I write to sound an alarm over consequences that would follow passage of SB32, allowing home delivery of alcoholic beverages, by the Arkansas legislature. The debate will focus on morality and religion and addiction, as it should. But let us not forget culture: How, in a world of mail-order booze, will we explain Smokey and the Bandit to our grandchildren?

The movie already makes it hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, but if you focus on job function it’s possible: the morons are the good guys, and the easygoing scalawags are the bad guys. Frog (winsome Sally Field long before the Boniva ads) is a bad gal, an accessory to interstate transport of illegal booze.

Imagine that same story under a regime of legal delivery of booze, and explaining to your descendants that no, the sheriff is not trying to stop the U.S. Mail from completing its appointed rounds, Snowman is not the postman, and there’s a good reason for Bandit and Frog to drive around and jump that car over every creek and gully in sight (actually, that’s hard to explain no matter what is legal or illegal at any given moment).

Christopher Jones

Anniston, Alabama

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