This teacher voted for French Hill for Congress

I am a teacher in Arkansas’s 2nd District who voted for French Hill for Congress today. Even though his opponent proudly proclaims that she is a teacher, I cannot support her. Why would I vote for French Hill over a retired teacher?

I do not know her as a teacher, but as a long-time state legislator. I will offer no criticism of her prowess in the classroom. But, late last month the NEA (national teachers’ union) joined with a couple of other far left political action groups vowing to spend over $1 million dollars to elect her. I am a teacher who has never joined the union because union dues support far left causes and candidates I cannot. In short, when the union supports it, I most likely oppose it.

Earlier this month, the LREA (Little Rock School District’s teachers’ union) voted to stay home from work, refusing to teach students in person. The district employs almost 1900 teachers. Reports say 69 refused to report to work and now face disciplinary action by the district. A statement from LRSD says over 90% of its teachers reported to work. An Education Week article from November 2000, when Hill’s opponent first ran for the Arkansas legislature, proudly boasts that her car brandished a bumper sticker reading, “Building Better Schools: It’s Union Work!”

The union’s reputation among most voters in the 2nd District is less than stellar, largely due to its fight to keep schools closed this fall. They know this, and appear reluctant to make public statements in support of Hill’s opponent. But the NEA money dumped into this campaign against French Hill tells us a vote against French Hill is a vote for the teachers’ union. And, like I said above, I pretty much always side against the union on political issues.

So, as a teacher, today I cast my vote for French Hill to support the majority of teachers who support students and work every day to serve them. I cast my vote for French Hill to vote against the union that seeks power and influence at the expense of students’ education.

Today, this teacher cast his vote for French Hill for US Congress in District 2.

John Allison, Conway

Kudos to the Log Cabin Democrat

I feel the need to offer at least one letter of support for your endorsement. Though some have taken the occasion to voice their displeasure with not only whom you endorsed, but that you would decide to make an endorsement at all. I for one was very pleased that you had the courage to make the endorsement considering the possible reactions from here in the heart of Republican fealty to the failed administration. Throughout the history of journalism, it has been the prerogative of editors to make such endorsements and I see no reason that effort should be abandoned. We, as voting citizens, are certainly free to make up our own minds, but to the editors of the Log Cabin Democrat I simply say, "Hooray and carry on!"

Doug Coppock, Conway

Thank you, jurors

I would like to publicly thank the jurors in the Elvia Fragstein murder trial. Serving as a juror in such a case is a formidable responsibility. I served as a juror in another difficult case many years ago, and it left with me with deep respect for my fellow jurors and for the seriousness and care with which they considered the case. I have no doubt that this jury was the same. Thank you for taking this responsibility and for serving our community.

Diane Robinson, Conway

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