Responses to the Log Cabin Democrat's endorsement

This is in response to your editorial expressing your support of one presidential candidate over another. It is not written due to the fact that you have supported one candidate over another rather it is because the Log Cabin Democrat has chosen to make an endorsement in the first place. I realize you hide under the auspices of first amendment privilege but is doing so under the pretense of journalism in an effort to persuade voters ethical?

In considering your statement that the country is weaker, poorer, sicker, and less respected, one can find writings that agree with your statements and just as many which agreed otherwise both providing data, analysis, and so forth. Thus facts such as these are nothing more than the opinions of those supplying the facts. Or said another way in the old adage that figures don't lie, but liars figure. In essence, what you expressed was obviously your opinion based on whom you choose to believe even though you state it as fact.

I can assure you that the readers of a local hometown newspaper are really not concerned with the left or right leanings of the publishers and editors. We are more interested in local happenings and news surrounding our community and events directly related to our daily lives rather than being advised on political opinions in an attempt to sway our vote. Removing local media out of political commentary and in the business of covering news of interest might even put us back on track in building confidence in journalism which seems to be a lost art.

I realize that many newspaper editorial sections have a long history of political endorsements but does historical endurance justify attempting voter manipulation? I could care less if you as individuals support the man in the moon for political office, just please stick to journalism and forget the political activism.

Rodger Smith, Conway

I read in this week's, Weekend Edition that the newspaper supports Biden/Harris in this year's election.

Although I feel everyone has their opinion it disappoints me to see the media taking sides instead of being an unbiased outlet for news. Making this statement makes me realize you won't report the news accurately but instead will report anything that makes the other candidates look bad.

I will also assume you will not report the facts of how the Biden camp is in favor of defending police. Have you reported on how he has refused to answer the question on whether or not he plans to "pack" the Supreme Court? Or even how he plans to get us back in the good graces of the world like giving into China, or giving Iran more money like he did as Vice President and allowing them nuclear capabilities?

Have you reported how President Trump has shown our country to be strong and not back down to idle threats like North Korea tried?

Its sad that our country can't read all the facts in your paper.

Kevin Parker, Conway

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