Editor’s note: This editorial expresses the views of the Log Cabin Democrat. The editorial board is composed of Frank Leto, Jeanette Anderton and Alex Kienlen.

On Monday, four people were arrested following a protest outside the Conway Police Department.

While the Log Cabin Democrat supports and encourages peaceful protest to bring awareness to issues – as we have written in previous editorials – we condemn destructive behavior and do not condone behavior that infringes on other people’s rights, even in the name of protest to bring about change.

The protestors Monday did not destroy any property or cause any injuries; however, they blared music with explicit lyrics (Fthe Police) and stood on the sign identifying the building as the Conway Police Department instead of the sidewalk outside of the police station.

The explicit lyrics wasn’t the only problem with the music – the volume was as well. It was disruptive to businesses in the area, many of which attract families including young children.

The four were charged with criminal trespassing, obstructing governmental operations and refusal to submit to arrest. The Log Cabin Democrat agrees with these charges.

People who oppose police reform and Black Lives Matter will use these examples to detract from the issue at hand so you end up hurting the movement rather than helping it.

Kudos to Mayflower

After calling out the Mayflower City Council in our Sept. 12 editorial for having to cancel a meeting for lack of quorum where the council was scheduled to vote on the city’s wastewater project in order to avoid potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, all but one of the aldermen attended Tuesday’s meeting and got the project back on track.

In addition to the council – except Alderman Andrew Pelkey – turning out, the residents of Mayflower showed up to have their voices heard.

We applaud the residents for getting involved and encourage them – and their elected leaders – to continue doing so.

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