Editor’s note: This editorial expresses the views of the Log Cabin Democrat editorial board, which is composed of Frank Leto, Jeanette Anderton and Alex Kienlen.

When the Log Cabin Democrat and the editors from our sister papers throughout central Arkansas were discussing possible topics for in-depth series, we knew food insecurity was going to be one of them.

In the latest official data available (which was 2018), Arkansas was ranked second in the nation – after Mississippi – as having the highest food insecurity rate with 17.3 percent. More than 23 percent of Arkansas children were considered food insecure.

Feeding America, the largest hunger-relief organization in the country, estimated in March nearly 160,000 new Arkansans were food insecure by the end of 2020, or 22.5 percent of the state’s population. One in three children in Arkansas are estimated to currently grow up in food insecure households in the state.

There are plenty of issues that most people wouldn’t have the first idea how to address. For instance, none of the editors in the discussion would know how to help with broadband access across the state. It’s not like the average person can go and install infrastructure for that. But, we all know ways to help with food insecurity. We can give money, food or our time.

Faulkner County has a plethora of really great organizations who would welcome any or all of the above. In our final piece on the series (on today’s front page) we highlighted several of these organizations who partner with the Arkansas Foodbank.

Ninety-six cents of every dollar donated to the Arkansas Foodbank goes toward food distribution. Through donated and sourced food, the foodbank can create five meals from a $1 donation.

The organizations that partner with them receive the bulk of those donations. If you’re more comfortable giving directly to the local organization, we have provided links to the websites for every organization in the story. If reading the story at the cabin.net, just click on the links provided in the online article to be directed to that site.

We urge everyone who is able to give what you can. If you can’t afford to give money, consider volunteering. It’s an eye-opening and rewarding experience for the volunteer as much as the group they’re helping.

Happy Mother’s Day

The Log Cabin Democrat wishes all moms a happy Mother’s Day.

We celebrate all mothers, from the stay-at-home moms to ones who balance work and family, from the ones who birthed their children to the ones who fostered, adopted or otherwise became someone’s mom.

Mothers are the original essential workers. They are our first nurse, our first teacher. They provide us with the food and supplies we need to survive. They serve as cooks, therapists, chauffeurs, cleaning crew, financial advisers and more. They do it all without expecting anything in return.

While being a mom is often a thankless task, we urge you all to take some time and put some thought into showing moms your gratitude this weekend. Let them know just how essential they have always been and will always be.

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