The Great Physician

There is a Great Physician

That will stand by your side today

He walks those hospital halls

Where in your confinement, you stay.

He sees, understands and knows every patient

And their illnesses touch His heart

For Jesus is touched by our every infirmity

And His love and grace will not depart.

He is a kind and compassionate Physician

The Supplier of those things we need

In pity, He looks down upon his children

And in mercy for us He intercedes.

Easing our pain and sorrow – drying out tears

The Great Physician is always near

With never a sigh or cry escaping His ears

Claming doubts and allaying fears.

And today, He is walking those hospital halls

24/7 he is “on call”

Upholding those who might faint or fall

When grief overwhelms and troubles befall.

Tenderly, lovingly over us

A vigil He doth diligently keep

Walking those halls, occupying those lonely corridors

So His dearness can rest and sleep.

The healing touch of His loving hands

And His all-sufficient grace

Are enough for whatever trials

In life that we are called upon to face.

Remember no trial will be

Too great that we are called upon to bear

For there is “balm in Gilead”

For the Great Physician is there.

So pour out your heart and soul to Him

No true harm or evil can ever befall

Not when Christ is there with you

Walking those hospital halls.

For the saved, heaven lies at the end of the way

And Jesus is as near as the whisper of a prayer

He’s taken up residency at the hospital

Just because He knows “you” are there.

Friend, if Jesus is not yet your savior

He can be your savior today

Just repent of your sins, have faith and believe upon Him

And receive Him while He is passing “your way.”

The Lady

The Lady stands quiet,

Regal and proud.

She speaks not softly

Nor aloud.

Her very presence is

Quite enough.

No guarantees of easy or tough

A sight to behold for

Folks from afar.

Her torch as beckoning

As the wisemen’s star.

She represents Freedom

For you and me.

Lady of our Land,

The Statue of Liberty.

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