The arrow Cupid shot at me

Is right where it’s supposed to be.

My heart was pierced.

But I don’t feel a bit of pain;

There’s just a reeling in my brain

That’s pretty fierce.

For you, my lovely Valentine,

Enchant my heart and move my mind

In crazy ways.

I’ll try now to explain to you

How you kaleidoscope my view –

How you emblaze.

You light my eyes and attitude,

And fill me with beatitude,

So deep inside.

Your sorcery’s a stunning force

That launches a celestial course,

And I just ride.

My tribulations and my woe

Have gone where the forgotten go.

They set me free.

My senses fill with sweet delight

As I’m transported in a flight

To ecstasy.

My body shakes with sweet pulsations –

Ecstatic, visceral sensations –

A gushing glee.

An uncontrolled romantic mania,

A howling werewolf’s moon insania,

Arouses me.

This ancient force, so strong and mystic –

This supercalifragilistic

Song and dance

Has tossed me in a jamboree –

A jazzy, Jumping jubilee

Of pure romance

I shout hosannas to the sky

That thrill the eagles flying by,

And do cartwheels.

My grin’s too wide for any face.

I’m laughing like a basket case

With snorts and squeals.

I’m freaking and I’m frolicking;

I’m gamboling and rollicking,

And living large.

My mind’s a festival – a fair –

And everything that’s fun is there,

All free of charge.

I dance with Kelly and Astaire,

Defying all the laws of air

In my top hat.

I march through Oz with Sousa’s band,

And River Dance in Wonderland,


I’m looking down like I’m the moon

On Shangri La and Brigadoon,

Where angels sing.

The Gods of Mount Olympus jam

With me and Frank and Dean and Sam,

On pop and swing.

I yell “Geronimo!” with brio,

And swan dive off the Cliffs of Rio,

Without a splash.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Sings backup for my “Ring of Fire,’”

With Johnny Cash.

I’ve tried, but I should not expect

To make you know the full effect

Of what you do.

But if you stay, and never go,

The only thing you need to know

Is I love you.

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