I love God. Do you love God? If not, why and what’s wrong with you? You know what brothers and sisters?

Everyday Jesus is letting us know He’s on His way back for those who belong to Him. Now do you belong?

I know there are some of you that wish I would stop talking about His coming and start talking about something else.

Well, I can’t and I don’t want to. It’s as though I was born to talk about His coming. By the way, it’s called being a witness for Christ.

I know how you feel about me talking about the coming of the Lord.

You see, I have not always been saved. I used to be like some of you out in the street, playing around, drinking, getting high, popping pills and chasing girls and living with them and having sex with them.

But Jesus stepped into my life. The things I just named I used to do every day. Was it right for me to do them? NO! It wasn’t right then nor is it right now.

For those of you who are doing them, you are on the road that leads to self-destruction.

You see, back then when I was doing these things, no one ever told me I was living in sin and I was on the road to destruction.

If they did, I don’t remember it because all I wanted to do is live my life the way I wanted to live and have fun doing it. By the way, half the time I was drunk and high.

Back then the only people I heard talk about the coming of Christ was Grandma Chandler, Billy Graham and Charles Stanley.

But I too, like you, never took the coming of Christ seriously and I kept on doing what I was doing and that’s living in sin and living apart from Jesus.

But if it wasn’t for the Lord who was on my side, and His hand on me, I wouldn’t be here today.

It was because of His Grace and Mercy that I’m alive today.

I thank God for Jesus and that He didn’t come back when I was living apart from Him. I thank God for keeping me and allowing me to be here today and be a witness for Him.

Don’t misunderstand me, when I talk about my past I’m not bragging on it or telling you it’s ok to do what I did.

I’m not proud of my past and it’s not ok for you to do what I did. In other words, don’t follow me follow Jesus!

It’s been over 30 years since I heard my Grandmother Chandler, Billy Graham, or Charles Stanley talk about the coming of the Lord.

But the Holy Spirit keeps warning me to warn others about the coming of the Lord. Who’s to say it’s going to be 30 more years before Jesus comes back

Words of wisdom: we don’t know if Jesus will come back tomorrow, we don’t know if He will come back today, and we don’t know if He will come back this very hour.

One thing I do know, I want to be ready when He comes back. So now is the time to repent of your sin and ask God to forgive you. Give your life to Jesus if you have not done so, because we don’t know the day nor the hour when Jesus will return. (Matthew 25:13) It burns in my spirit that Jesus is on His way back, so get your life in order.

Hear me brothers and sisters, there are some of you living in sin and think you are getting away with it. You think God doesn’t see your sinful ways, you think just because nothing bad happens to you, you got away with it.

But I’m here to let you know, God sees and knows all things about us. He is just giving you time to repent of your sins and give your life to Jesus.

One day you will be punished for your sins if you don’t repent of them.

In closing, Jesus is coming back and if your house is not in order you will be left behind. I want to say this: Jesus loves you and He can forgive you of all your sins so you can go back with Him.

He wants to take you back with Him but it’s totally up to you. SO IT IS, IT IS SO ... Amen ...

Contact Marcus: mchandler 2011@hotmail.com or 501-908-9507.

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