I love you Jesus and I do not care about anyone knowing it. You see, I love You because You first loved me. You are my everything, my God, my Lord, and my Savior. Jesus you are my pathway to heaven, in fact You are the only way, the truth and the life.

Brothers and sisters, if you desire to go to heaven, Jesus has paid the price, with His death burial and resurrection. So, why go to hell when Jesus has already paid for your travel expenses. Take time out to get to know Jesus. There are times I sit and ponder on what heaven will be like. I do not know about you, but I have made heaven my eternal home. My hope and trust are in Jesus. I pray that you do not miss out on heaven, because missing heaven will mean you reside eternally in hell. I sometimes wonder why individuals choose hell rather than heaven. Brothers and sisters hell will not be a place of enjoyment; but a place of darkness, a place where your soul, the real you will burn forever throughout eternity. We will all spend eternity someplace either in heaven or hell, the choice is yours. I have heard some say we are living in hell here on earth. Listen, the hell I am talking about does not compare to what is going on here on earth. The hell I am referencing is a lake of fire and brimstones, which; many will suffer in, with no hope of relief. Now think about that. Every time we disobey God and fail to repent and change from our wicked ways hell is the place we are choosing to go. Some people think hell will be a place for partying, chasing men and women, drinking, taking drugs and lots of fornication, not so. The devil tried to place that lie in my mind, now I know he was lying to me. I ask you not to believe that lie. Do not allow him to trick you into doing sinful things that will lead you to destruction, he is the father of lies. In hell there will be nothing but a continual burning of your soul. There will be a lot of other things I have not named that will take you to hell. So please, read your bible and go to a church based on the teachings of Jesus. I beg you to make Jesus your Lord and Savior. Repent of your sin, believe Jesus is the son of the living God. Believe Jesus died and rose from the dead with all power in his hands. Invite him into your heart today. Ask him to forgive you of the sins you know about and those you are not aware of. It is then you will be able to make heaven your eternal home. Live and follow Jesus. Following him will lead you straight to heaven. heaven is a perfect place. A place where we will reside with the king of kings and lord of lords (Jesus). A place where there will be no more dying, sinning, lying, disappointment or crying. hell will be a place of continual suffering, where souls will burn forever. A place where your thirst will never be quenched. A place of darkness. A place where the unrighteous will remain with no option for an exit. I beg you whichever option you choose; remember they are both permanent choices and you will remain there throughout eternity.

So it is, it is so.

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