An apartment resident said he was hit in the head and held face down into the floor while robbers took several items from his home including the shoes on his feet.

Conway police responded to a robbery on Tyler Street Tuesday night and made contact with the victim. The man said he lives in the apartment with his wife but when the robbery occured, he was there with a friend. After the incident, he called his wife, who then called police.

The man said his door bell rang, and he thought it was another friend. When he opened the door, he said he was hit and knocked to the floor. He said he thought there was a gun involved, but his face was pressed to the floor while other men seached the house. He said they took the television, a purse, 10 hats, his cigarettes, $50 out of his wallet and the shoes off his feet. The friend stated that his wallet was taken that contained his hunting anf fishing license and insurance card. His phone was also taken.