Sonshine Academy girls gymnastic team won the Level 4 team title in the recent Sunshine Invitational meet in Conway.

Participating team members were Lily Douglas, Katie Beth Smith, Melaina Taylor, Naomi Young, Raeann Hefter, Payton Leach, Abigail Robinson, Madeline Anderson, Anna Kathleen Harris, Anna Beth Jeane, Kirah Zulliger, Sarah Barnard, Anna Hart and Bethany Stubbs. 

The Level 5 team of Julia King, Jillian Cliburn, Lizzie Spivey and Alexandra Nichols placed second, just behind Leah’s Gymnastics of Benton. The Level 7 team of Anna Barnard, Taylor Joe-Conway and Sydney Kellybrew also placed 2nd.  

In individual competition, Sonshine gymnasts accumulated 3 all-around titles and 14 individual event titles.  

All-around winners were Audrey Kendrick (Level 3, 5-6 years), Abigail Robinson (Level 4, 9 yrs.) and Madeline Anderson (Level 4, 10).  

Individual event winners were:

Vault — Julia King (Level 5, 9 yrs), Jillian Cliburn (Level 5, 11 yrs), and Taylor Joe-Conway (Level 7, 11 yrs), Madeline Anderson, & Bethany Stubbs (Level 4, 12+ yrs).

Bars — Audrey Kendrick and Abigail Robinson.

Beam — Audrey Kendrick, Brinkley Schlinker (Level 3, 10 yrs), Abigail Robinson and Madeline Anderson. 

Floor — Jillian Cliburn (Level 5, 11 yrs), Audrey Kendrick, Abigail Robinson, and Anna Kathleen Harris (Level 4, 10 yrs).

Top 3 finishes: Sydney Kellybrew (Level 7, 11 yrs), 3rd vault, beam, & all-around; Taylor Joe-Conway, 3rd bars; Keely Crass (Level 6, 11 yrs), 2nd bars; Abigail Robnett (Level 6, 9 yrs), 3rd beam; Alexandra Nichols (Level 5, 12 yrs), 3rd vault, 2nd beam, 2nd floor, and second all-around; Lizzie Spivey (Level 5, 11 yrs), 3rd vault; Jillian Cliburn, 2nd beam, 2nd all-around; Julia King, 3rd floor, 3rd all-around; Lily Douglas (Level 4, 7 yrs), 2nd bars, 3rd beam, 2nd floor, 3rd all-around; Katie Beth Smith (Level 4, 8 yrs), 3rd bars; Raeann Hefter (Level 4, 9 yrs), 3rd floor; Abigail Robinson, 2nd vault; Madeline Anderson, 2nd bars, 2nd floor; Anna Kathleen Harris, 3rd vault, 2nd beam, 2nd all-around; Sarah Barnard (Level 4, 12+ yrs), 2nd bars, 3rd floor; Anna Hart (Level 4, 12+ yrs), 2nd beam;

Bethany Stubbs, 3rd bars, 2nd Floor, 2nd all-around; Audrey Kendrick, 2nd bars.

The girls gymnastics team is coached by Scott Wright, Mieke Corbitt, Sax Engel, Lauren Mohlke and Jami Woodling.