Moving day has arrived. So, one final time from the Log Cabin’s old location, here’s a new batch of "David Citations," for the interesting, weird and just plan zany in sports:

At the Hendrix Sports Hall of Honor banquet, former track star Don McDonald told of the fierce competition between him and teammate Kim "Kiwi" Stevenson, one of the latest honorees. "In New Zealand, the last lap is called the ‘bell lap’ and in our country it’s the ‘gun lap, which Kim wasn’t aware of’" noted McDonald. "For the last lap in our first race, I told him to watch out for snipers. Then, I was able to make my move."

Stevenson noted that he and McDonald hvae run 7,000 to 8,000 miles together. "At seven or eight minutes a mile, you do the math," he said.

GIVES A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON VETERAN: Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden was drafted by the Cleveland Browns at age 28. He became a college football player late because of a four-year professional baseball career out of high school. As a rookie, he is older than 17 current NFL starting quarterbacks.

The NFL Draft.

Jamesa Painter recently hit a game-winning home run for Chuckey-Doak High School in Tennessee. He was a happy guy until he discovered the ball he hit landed smack into his car windshield.

Painter had actually moved his vehicle farther out before to the game in order to lesson the chances of a ball hitting his car windshield.

James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder took a brutal elbow to the head by the player formerly known as Ron Artest, who has inappropriately named himself ‘Metta World Peace."

Greg Childs and Jarius Wright, who were both drafted by the Minnesota Vikings have been teammates through their elementary, junior high and high schools days at Warren and during their college careers at the University of Arkansas. They are both wide receivers.

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