Serving another piping hot batch of "David’s Appetizers," assorted musings and observations from the sports scene:

Principals and superintendents representing all members of the Arkansas Activities Association will meet today and face one of the shortest and seemingly non-controversial voting agendas in several years.

To allow for more flexibility for practices during testing times, the AAA Governing Body is expected to pass a proposal to allow for three weeks of spring football practice instead of two (with a maximum of 10 practices). Ninth-graders are expected to be made eligible to participate in athletic activities in 7A.

And, under a proposal apparently favored by 85 percent of the schools in a survey, home-schooled athletes are expected to become eligible to participate in athletics in a public school in the district of a parent’s home. Under the proposal, which carries a 19-0 DO PASS recommendation by the AAA Board of Directors, if a student drops out of a public school to become home-schooled, he must sit out a year before being eligible to participate in athletics at the public school.

University of Arkansas softball coaches have been cultivating the recruiting ground early for Greenbrier’s Autumn Russell, a softball and track star for the Lady Panthers since she was a freshman.

Russell, a junior-to-be, has committed to joining the UA softball program after she graduates in 2014.

Commitments are non-binding.

Concerning the video on the traffic stop of former Auburn and Arkansas State football player Michael Dyer:

If you are in possession of illegal firearms or drugs, you do not pass a state trooper’s vehicle going 96 miles per hour in a 70 zone. Come to think of it, one shouldn’t pass a law enforcement vehicle at that speed if you don’t have anything illegal in your possession. And you are daring to be stopped going 96 in a 70 no matter what’s in your possession.

Dyer was dismissed from the ASU football program for the usual meaningless explanation of "violation of team rules."

It’s always a violation of the all-encompassing "team rules" when such a dismissal occurs.

If it’s gonna be that vague, it seems best to say it’s a dismissal for undisclosed reasons.

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