Presenting an eclectic mix of "David Citations" for the interesting, inspiring, weird and just plain zany in sports:


MAYBE HE NEEDED THEM TO SPELL THE NAME OF THE IRANIAN OLYMPIAN: A young boy (under 18) was disqualified from the National Scrabble Championship for cheating (pocketing blank tiles).

ARE WE TO BE ALARMED?: Within a couple of weeks, Olympic athletes were dismissed for trying to throw badminton matches, then there was a cheating scandal in scrabble.

DICEY, DOPEY, JUICY SITUATION: Melkey Cabrera, who hit a two-run homer and was two for three in gaining MVP honors in the All-Star game, has been suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball for doping. So does that mean the home field advantage for the World Series was obtained by "juice?"

SOMETHING IS FISHY ABOUT THIS: The Catfish Farmer of the Year in Arkansas is Bill Trout, No doubt selected from a good pool of candidates.

FEMALE POWER: U.S. women won 29 gold medals at the London Olympics, better than only two countries (China, 38, and Great Britain, 29). The 58 medals (2/3 of the total by Americans) won by the U.S. women were only bettered by three countries, China, Great Britain and Russia.

TRUE SISTERHOOD: When U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas was slammed by some critics by the way she wore her hair, all of her teammates showed up to root her on in the all-around competition with the same hairstyle.

A TEAM IN NEED ON A SPARKPLUG: Initially, Arkansas Travelers workers were able to start seven of the nine cars that were "prizes" on Clunker Car Night.

ON THE POSITIVE SIDE: Officials thought being able to start seven of the nine cars on the first tries was very good news.

THERE IS A GRAIN OF TRUTH TO THIS PRESSING OLYMPIC QUESTION: Why doesn’t sand stick to beach volleyball players like it does to you why you lie on the beach? Beach volleyball uses a special sand (with consistent particles and no pebbles and shells) that is approved by the International Volleyball Federation. Knew you were curious because so many of you were probably looking at the sand in Olympic beach volleyball.

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