Weather is big on the radar in this batch of "David’s Citations," assorted musings and observations on the sports scene:

THIS WAS PREDICTED IN THE FOOTBALL FARMER’S ALMANAC: The remedy for the drought in Arkansas was apparently football season as high school football teams have had to battle rain and weather delays for three straight weeks.

TWO LEGS FOR RUNNING TO THE FIELD HOUSE, TWO FOR TREADING WATER AND TWO FOR DODGING LIGHTNING BOLTS: The latest adaptation for the six-legged Conway Wampus Cat mascot. As the Cats entered the third week of the season Friday, they had played less than 3 1/2 quarters in two games because of weather cancellations.

IMPROMPTU AND A CAPELLA: Because of a steady rain Friday at the Conway-Cabot game, the Wampus Cat marching band was not available to play the Star-Spangled Banner in pregame. With no music available, Andy Hawkins, the public address announcer, led fans in singing the National Anthem. American Idol did not call afterwards.

BUT, THE GOOD NEWS: In the improvised situatio, Hawkins sang all the words to the Star-Spangled Banner correctly, which is not that easy to do — as illustrated by gaffes over time by many celebrities. If a singer gets lost on that anthem, he falls into a black hole that is almost impossible to get out.

BEST DEAL: Louisiana-Monroe earned $2 million-plus for going to overtime against two Southeastern Conference teams, beating one and scaring another.

THE KEY STAT FROM THE MEMPHIS-UTM GAME: It was played in Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium the same Saturday as Arkansas-Ole Miss an hour or so down the interstate in Oxford. The Memphis game was delayed 2 hours and 40 minutes because of lightning. In less than an hour there were, 724 lightning strikes within 10 miles of the Liberty Bowl.

DAYLIGHT AND DARK: The contrast in moods of Razorback fans about the Alabama game before the Lousiana-Monroe game and afterward. Saturday’s game in Fayetteville went from the hottest ticket in the state to one a fan could purchase for as little as $15.

BAILOUT: What many Arkansas fans did to the bandwagon after ULM.

THE CONTRAST: ULM sold T-shirts this week proclaming "Shock in the Rock." The general description for Arkansas fans was "Nightmare on Markham" or "Mayhem on Markham."

HAS IT COMES TO THIS?: The most entertaining part of Razorback football games is reading social media posts. And they’re already talking about basketball season.

AND FROM THE SUBLIME TO THE RIDICULOUS: One fan on a talk show proclaimed that the Razorbacks needed to bring back Houston Nutt as coach because he is good at winning with players someone else recruited.


WHILE ON BRUCE STREET; Going into Saturday’s action, the combined record of UCA’s men’s and women’s soccer, volleyball and football teams was 23-5.

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