(EDITOR’S NOTE: David McCollum was locked out of his computer Thursday. Today’s column is being written by a replacement columnist, Chuck D. Sintax).

It’s a wunnerful time in the sports werld.

I can hardly wait for next week’s Super Bowl between the Oaklin Raiders and the Florida Marlins.

But what really is grate is that amazing Razorback football team, which has ran off three straight victries after that loss to Jacksonville State. What a fantastic job Houston Nutt has done coaching this team. And you have to salute John L. Smith, the Hogs’ athletic director, for his stand on getting rid of Bobby Purina after that awful and disgraceful rec on the tandem bicycle. He has a lot to smile about.

Quite frankly, going into this weekend game at Taxes A&M, I’ve never seen the excrement so hi in Fayettetown.

And u’ve got to be aware of that job Tyler Mallett has done at quarterback after coming back from that above-the-knee but below-the-hairline injury. He should be a strong candidate for that Hessian Trophy.

I think the key to the season was when the Razorbacks shocked the universe with that victry over Carl Sagan’s Arkabama team.

And it was a big weekend for the University of Central Arkansas Tigers, who came up with that last-second win over the University of Houston State.

But for the life of me, I haven’t don’t can’t figure out all that dis-cussin about that polka dot field. But it’s as torminting as my first wife and as ugly as my second. But the Tigers are sure done winning there and they are sure braggin’ about the tales told at the gates.

Well, I guess I must rap this up.

It has been a privlige to fill in for Dave. I’m sure things will be settled and he will be back soon.

Until then, don’t pay no attention to all that inner ference you might have seen in that in zone Monday Night in the game between the Pickers and the Seabees. It’s all a marriage ... uh, garbage ... uh, mirage.

For what’s it’s worth, I thought it was a home run.

(Sports columnist David McCollum can be reached at 505-1235 or david.mccollum@thecabin.net. We don’t know where his replacement is.)